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Virginia Forage and Grassland Council
1997 Outstanding Virginia Forage Producer Award

Crop and Soil Environmental News, June 1996

Sponsored by the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council

Harlan White
Extension Agronomist, Forages

Purpose: The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding forage producers throughout Virginia and to encourage others to use forages more effectively in livestock production.

Guidelines: The qualifications of those nominated for the award should be compatible with the following guidelines:

  1. The production and utilization of forage is a primary interest on the farm of the person nominated.
  2. Forage production as practiced constitutes sound, economical use of soil and other resources, resulting in the conservation of soil and water and is integrated with a well-defined livestock production system.
  3. The nominee has been innovative in the application of new information that is suited to his operation.
  4. The nominee conducts a well-designed, balanced, systems-approach to forage production, utilization and marketing.
  5. Part-time farmers and farm managers are eligible for nomination.
  6. Emphasis on forage quality is important. Forage testing is recognized as a tool to properly evaluate and utilize forage of varying quality.
  7. The nominee has goals for the farming operation and has a plan for reaching those goals.
  8. Both small and larger operators are eligible. A sound program suited to the resources available should be a major consideration.

Procedure: Nominations may be made by supplying the information requested on the following page. Mail the completed form to Harlan White, 2188 Keisters Branch Road, Blacksburg, VA 24060 by July 15, 1996. Additional information will be requested from all nominees. The forms for this detailed information will be sent to the person making the nomination. He should then work with the nominee to encourage and assist him in providing this necessary data for his operation. Completed form should be sent to the address above. An appropriate plaque will be awarded to the persons selected from each of four regions. Each award winner or a designated representative will be requested to report on their forage program at the respective regional forage conference.

Nomination Form
1997 Outstanding Virginia Forage Producer Award
Nominee's Name:


Telephone Number:


Approximate Acreage of Forages Produced


Stockpiled Fescue:


Summer Annual Pasture:


Crop Residues:

Permanent Pasture:

Approximate Numbers of Livestock





Other (Specify):

Written Statement Outlining Nominee's Forage Program
(Include unique and/or outstanding accomplishments)
Nominator's Name:



Telephone Number:

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