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Crop and Soil Environmental News, June 1996

Jack Hall
Head, Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences Department

Even though the department has lost seven faculty and five staff since early 1995, the remaining 22 permanent faculty and their support staff are continuing to crank out research, teach students and provide extension programs. In 1995, the faculty produced 23 refereed journal articles, 64 extension publications, were responsible in some part for 64 professional research presentations, 92 extension presentations, 32 conferences and 7 field days. They taught 45 classes or sections of classes and advised the 490 undergraduates and 38 graduate students in the department. They wrote grant proposals which currently indicate we are processing or have processed $7.2 million worth of sponsored work. In their spare time they wrote 71 research reports, published 63 research abstracts, completed 20 theses or dissertations, reviewed 114 manuscripts, 278 grant proposals, and graciously served on the 17 committees it takes to keep a department going. In short, we are continuing to generate, communicate and implement knowledge that helps Virginians.

Where do we go from here? Under Dean Swiger's leadership, several colleges associated with agriculture in its broadest sense are putting together a "PLAN FOR VIRGINIA AGRICULTURE" which will help us to meet the demands that we foresee in the next 15 years. CSES has submitted a request for seven new positions, 3 in research, 2 in teaching and 2 in extension to include the following:

Forage Grassland Systems Agronomist
Monocot Transformation Biologist
Plant and Soil Environment Modeler

Environmental Remediation Physiologist
Environmental Soil Chemist

Forage Systems Specialist
Nutrient Management Specialist

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