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Information on Disturbed Land Restoration Is Available

Crop and Soil Environmental News, March 1997

Carl Zipper,
Extension Specialist and Associate Director,
Powell River Project

The Powell River Project is a Virginia Tech activity that serves southwest Virginia's coalfield region by sponsoring research and education programs to enhance restoration of mined lands and to benefit communities. The Powell River Project's approach combines research and outreach.

Research sponsored by the Powell River Project has developed land reclamation and environmental protection practices for use by the coal industry. Results of this research are published and made available through Virginia Cooperative Extension. Although the publications are written for application to coal-mined areas, they also contain information than can be used in restoring other disturbed areas -- such as non-coal mining sites, or areas disturbed by construction activities -- to a biologically productive state.

The following publications are available in print form through Virginia Cooperative Extension local offices. Most are also available at the Virginia Cooperative Extension world wide web site (/ where they can be accessed through "Natural Resources and Environmental Management" and then "Mine Restoration and Development" or by using the links below.

Foundations for Housing on Reclaimed Mined Lands. Pub. 460-115.

Growing Christmas Trees on Reclaimed Mined Land. Pub. 460-116.

Guidelines for Establishing Paulownia tomentosa on Reclaimed Mine Soils. Pub. 460-118.

Conversion of Sericea Lespedeza-Dominant Vegetation to Quality Forages for Livestock Use. Pub. 460-119.

Revegetation Species and Practices. Pub 460-122.

Restoring Forests on Surface Mined Land. Pub. 460-123.

Wildlife and Fish Habitat on Reclaimed Surface-Mined Lands. Pub. 460-125.

Establishment and Maintenance of Quality Turfgrass on Surface Mined Land. Pub. 460-127.

Beef Production from Forages Grown on Reclaimed Surface Mined Land. Pub. 460-128.

Reclamation of Coal Refuse Disposal Areas. Pub 460-131.

Commercial Forestry as a Post-Mining Land Use,. Pub. 460-136

Additional publications are under development. For further information contact Extension Specialist Carl Zipper on campus (540-231-9782; or Area Extension Agent Jon Rockett in Wise County (540-328-0162;

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