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List of Available Transgenic Cotton Varieties

Crop and Soil Environmental News, May 1997

Charles Hagedorn
Extension Specialist

The good news for cotton growers is that more Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), Roundup Ready (RR), and Bromoxynil (BXN) cotton varieties will be available in 1997. The bad news is that supplies of new budworm/boll-worm resistant (Bollgard) and herbicide resistant (RR and BXN) varieties will be limited. Due to popularity of these new varieties, most seed supplies were allocated earlier this year. While more seed of the Bt and BXN varieties was available this year, the distribution was limited to large acreage cotton production areas. The RR cotton is new for 1997 and supplies are very limited. However, there are plans for fast expansion of transgenic cotton, and the National Cotton Council has predicted that virtually all U.S. cotton acreage will be planted to transgenic varieties within the next 10 years.

Stoneville Seed Company has two new varieties for 1997, both resistant to Buctril 4EC herbicide, BXN47 and BXN57. BXN47 is an early maturing variety similar to its recurrent parent ST474. It is a medium tall variety with excellent emergence, stress tolerance and gin turnout. Fiber is similar to 474 but with lower micronaire. Yields are not statistically different from 474. BXN47 is adapted to the Southeast, Mid-South, Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona. BXN57 is a medium maturity variety suited to the Southeast and irrigated acreage in the Mid-South and Texas. BXN57 has medium plant height, superior gin turnout and good storm tolerance. It has demonstrated good tolerance to Verticillium and Fusarium wilt.

Delta and Pine Land Company offer six new varieties for 1997, three containing the Bollgard gene from Monsanto and three with Monsanto's Roundup Ready gene. DP20B is an early maturing variety with the Bollgard gene. Yields have been excellent in irrigated or rain-fed conditions in areas with a shorter growing season. Plants are medium height with good storm resistance, fiber quality and gin turnout. DP20B is a smooth leaf variety. Fiber quality grades have been good in company-sponsored trials. Micronaire ranges form 4.1 to 4.6, strength ratings are from 25 to 27. DP50B is an early maturing Bollgard variety that yields well under a variety of environmental and soil conditions. It's a short to medium, smooth leaf variety with good storm resistance, fiber quality and gin turnout Micronaire ranges from 4.2 to 4.8 and strength ratings are 25 to 27.

DP90B, a full maturing Bollgard variety, has a wide range of adaptability and is recommended where height might be an advantage. It is an indeterminate, smooth leaf plant with good storm resistance. Micronaire runs from 4.2 to 4.8, strength range is 27 to 30. DP90RR is a full maturing variety containing the Roundup Ready gene from Monsanto. Like DP90B, it has wide adaptability and is especially useful where height is an advantage. Agronomic and grade characteristics mirror DP90B. DP5690RR is a mid to full season variety with Roundup resistance, excellent strength and yield potential. A smooth leaf, indeterminate variety, it shows good storm resistance. Gin turnout is good. Micronaire runs 4.1 to 4.7 and strength ranges from 27 to 30. DP5415RR is a mid-maturing Roundup Ready variety with excellent strength and yield potential. It also shows good storm resistance and gin turnout. It is a smooth leaf variety. DP5415RR trials indicate micronaire range from 4.2 to 4.7 and strength from 26 to 29.

Paymaster Cottonseed offers five new transgenic cotton varieties for 1997. Four of these varieties involve a choice of Roundup Ready (RR), Bollgard (BG) or both (RR/BG). One variety, PM1215, is available with either RR or BG. PM1215 is an early maturing, medium tall, semi-smooth variety with superior storm resistance, producing 3,900-4,100 seeds per pound. Length is in the 1.18-1.19 range, micronaire, 4.4-4.8 and strength, 27-29. Wilt tolerance is fair. Lint percent is 37.5-39.0. PM1220 is available with RR, BG and RR/BG. PM1220 is an early maturing variety, medium tall, semi-smooth leaf variety with superior storm resistance, producing 4,000-4,200 seeds per pound. Length is 1.14-1.15, micronaire, 4.5-4.9 and strength, 27-29. Wilt tolerance is fair. Lint percent is 38.0-39.5.

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