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Virginia Coal Reserves and Coal-Combustion Byproduct Research Presentation

Crop and Soil Environmental News, July 1998

Carl Zipper
CSES Extension specialist
and Powell River Project director

On the morning of Thursday, August 20, Virginia Tech researchers will discuss results of two research projects that address issues of concern to the Virginia coalfields. The research is sponsored by Powell River Project. The presentations will take place at Southwest Virginia Community College in Richlands and will be open to the public. All interested parties are invited to attend.

At 9:30 a.m., Lee Daniels, will present the results of his 5-year study of coal-combustion byproducts management in mined-land environments. Daniels' research primarily focused on potential use of coal-ash to neutralize coal-refuse acidity and to assist in revegetation of problem mine-soils. Daniels' research determined that the potential for success of such practices is highly dependent on site conditions, ash properties, and rates of application. Daniels is a professor in Virginia Tech's Department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences

At 11 a.m., Chris Haycocks and Eric Westman will report on the progress of their research dealing with the remaining extent of mineable coal reserves in southwestern Virginia. They are now in the process of completing the second year of a three-year study that is being conducted in close cooperation with many of southwestern Virginia's leading coal-mining firms. Haycocks is a professor, and Westman is a graduate student, in Virginia Tech's Department of Mining and Minerals Engineering.

The program will take place in SVCC's Community Center, and is scheduled to conclude at 12:30 p.m. Questions can be addressed to Jon Rockett, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Wise County (540-328-0162; or Carl Zipper, CSES Extension specialist and Powell River Project director, at Virginia Tech (540-231-9782;

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