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Dates To Remember

Crop and Soil Environmental News, September 1998


November 3 - 4
Compost Operator's Training. Virginia Recycling Association Annual Conference, Wintergreen Resort, Nelson County. Contact Greg Evanylo at (540) 231-9739 or; VRA (703) 549-9263


January 19 - 21
Virginia Crop Production Association Meeting. Koger Center, Midlothian, Virginia. This meeting will provide numerous certified crop advisor credits. Contact Mary Jane Neiman at (804) 561-4720 or

February 1 - 3
Virginia Corn and Soybean Conference. Williamsburg, Virginia. Contact David Holshouser at (757) 657-6450 or; Dan Brann at (540) 231-9800 or

May (day not set yet)
Small Grains Field Day, Corbin Hall Farm, Urbanna, Virginia. Contact Dan Brann at (540) 231-9800 or

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