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United DHI holds annual meeting.

Dairy Pipeline: April 1996

by Bennet Cassell
Extension Dairy Scientist
Genetics and Management
Virginia Tech

The annual meeting of United DHI was held Friday, March 15, 1996, in Greensboro, N.C. Attending an annual meeting may rank right up there with a root canal for many farmers, but the work done at these meetings is frequently important to the farm business. The big item of business at this year's annual meeting was the establishment of a uniform pay scale for DHI technicians in Virginia and North Carolina. The pay system that had evolved over many years had become difficult to administer and unfair in certain circumstances. Under the new system, all dairy farmers in both states will pay the same for DHIA services. Technicians will be paid at the same rate (with a seniority adjustment detailed below) in all counties and associations in both states, with charges based on the number of milkings on test day that the technician is on the farm. A bonus system for seniority (1% per year service) will encourage technicians to continue DHI employment. All herds with up to 300 cows will pay the same amount per cow, while herds with more will pay less per cow for cows above 300. This feature will encourage the large herds to record production through the DHI program and benefit all DHI members by their presence in the system. Local associations will have the right to reward their technicians above the standard rates for exceptional service using moneys collected through the local association fee system. The uniform pay scale will not be painless for all members and employees, but it will position United DHI to offer quality service at a fair price in the years to come. Plans are to implement the new system on July 1, 1996. -- Bennet Cassell Genetics and Management

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