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The Virginia Tech Forage Testing Lab will not accept dairy producer feed samples after July 1, 1996.

Dairy Pipeline: June 1996

by Charles C. Stallings
Forage Testing Lab
Virginia Tech

The forage testing lab was started several years ago as a free service to farmers and others to determine quality of feeds being fed. It served a valuable purpose and resulted in an increased awareness of forage quality. Thousands of improved rations were formulated as a result of this activity. This service stopped being free approximately six years ago and a fee was attached to each analysis. Our numbers dropped markedly to the point we are analyzing less than 2000 producer samples per year. It is now time to make the next transition. Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Governor's Office reached an agreement to discontinue this service. Effective July 1, we will discontinue being a testing lab for producers. A list of commercial labs can be obtained by contacting me at 540-231-4758 or the lab at 540-231-6870. We will continue to be a resource to our Extension Agents and Specialists to analyze samples for educational purposes.

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