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New year, new opportunities!

Dairy Pipeline: January 1997

by Charles C. Stallings
Extension Dairy Scientist, Nutrition
Virginia Tech

With the dawn of a new year it is a good time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. One thing is certain, things will change. We all must plan accordingly. Milk prices will likely be more unstable, not less. Feed prices, hopefully, will be lower but the potential for higher prices exists. Any plan must consider a worst case scenario. We have started what we are calling a Dairy Management Institute to assist with planning and establishing priorities for the farm business. We conducted our first two day session in December in the Valley. We will be offering this in other locations in the future. If you feel that a program of this nature would be of assistance, consider enrolling. We will be seeking participants for 1997 and location will depend on local interest. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact me or your local Extension office.

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