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Professional Heifer Growers To Meet in Reno

Dairy Pipeline: November 1997

by David R. Winston
Extension Dairy Scientist, 4-H Youth
Virginia Tech

The Second National Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Conference will be held in Reno, Nevada, on April 15-17, 1998. The first conference was held in Atlanta this past April. A program for the 1998 conference will be released soon. The newly formed Professional Dairy Heifer Growers Association (PDHGA) will meet for the first time on Wednesday, April 15. A task force has worked diligently since April to build the organization. Two Virginia heifer growers serve on the task force. Dr. Don Gardner of Huddleston and Brian Conrad from White Post are the Southeast Region representatives to the task force. The goals of PDHGA are to: 1) provide educational programs and professional development opportunities for the mutual benefit of growers, dairy producers, allied industry, dairy animals, and the environment; 2) provide a communication network for dairy heifer growers, dairy producers, and allied industry; 3) establish business and ethical standards for the dairy heifer growing industry; and 4) enhance the profitability of member heifer growers and the dairy industry they serve. For more information about the conference or the association, contact Dave Winston in the Virginia Tech Department of Dairy Science.

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