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Dairy Pipeline: July 2000

Gerald M. (Jerry) Jones
Extension Dairy Scientist, Milk Quality & Milking Management
Virginia Tech
(540) 231-4764

Over 1,500 of the latest extension fact sheets, university research reports and private industry materials from across the country are available on the Dairy InfoBase, which can be obtained from The ADDS Center. The ADDS Center is the result of efforts of the Cooperative Extension System and Land Grant Universities in cooperation with other public and private individuals and groups. Available on CD and the Web, the material is easily searchable using keywords or phrases. Information on the Dairy InfoBase is split into 19 subject areas, ranging from business management to genetics to milk marketing, dairy expansion, human resource management and grazing, waste management, milk marketing, milking management and business management. You can purchase a 1 year online subscription to Dairy InfoBase 4.0 Online for $35. Dairy InfoBase 4.0 CD can be purchased for $99 which includes a 1 year online subscription. The address of the ADDS Center is P.O. Box 930369, Verona, WI 53593; email:, Phone: (608) 848-9055, Fax: (608) 848-7675, and web:

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