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February 12-13, 2002 Milking Management and Mastitis Control Cow College

Dairy Pipeline: December 2001

Gerald M. (Jerry) Jones
Extension Dairy Scientist,
Milk Quality & Milking Management

This training program at Virginia Tech will begin at 10:00 AM on the 12th and finish around 3 PM on the 13th. Dairy herd milkers and owners-managers as well as industry milk quality personnel and others will learn the principles of producing high quality and safe milk, recognize the basic concepts of preventing mastitis infections, and understand what management practices are important for producing safe, high quality milk. Speakers will discuss basic understanding of milk secretion and anatomy & physiology of udder; basic understanding of mastitis: microorganisms & establishment of infections, cultures; cow's inflammatory response to infection; factors influencing milk quality & safety; the role of the environment; mastitis detection: bulk tank tests, use and interpretation of DHI somatic cell counts, CMT; proper milking procedures; milking equipment's role in mastitis; lactating & dry cow mastitis treatment & management; food safety: quality assurance program, drug residue avoidance; heifer mastitis and control; fly control; cleaning & sanitizing milking equipment; and economics of mastitis. A dairy producer panel will discuss their mastitis control programs. Participants will visit the Dairy Center to observe milking procedures, and discuss milking equipment and dairy cattle housing and environment with Drs. Steve Nickerson, Ernest Hovingh, Mike Akers, and Jerry Jones. The registration fee of $65, which includes lunch and breaks on both days, is due by February 1, 2002. For more information, please contact your dairy Extension agent, Virginia Tech's dairy Extension office, or see the milk quality web site at

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