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Interested dairy farmers please respond.

Dairy Pipeline: July 2003

Charles C. Stallings
Extension Dairy Scientist, Nutrition
(540) 231-4758

Several young people from the African nations of Cameroon and Rwanda are interested in coming to the United States to undertake practical training on US Dairy Farms. Under a special visa by the US State Department, these young people are allowed to learn on US dairy farms by doing, and working closely with dairy farmers to learn modern dairy farming techniques. The skills learnt, it is hoped will assist them in opening up their own small-scale dairy operations in their home countries when they return. These trainees have experience in dairy farm work, and all speak English. Special organizations such as the World Wide Farmers Exchange are designated by the US State Department to sponsor these trainees for their visas for up to 12 months. For more information on requirements and responsibilities of host farmers, please visit World Wide Farmers Exchange website at Alternatively, you may contact Mr. Isaac Zama at (703) 425-1935 for more information on the applicants or me at the phone and e-mail address below about any needed contact information. This sounds like a great way to assist young people in developing their skills and fostering international development of dairy production in an area needing the high quality nutrition that dairy products provide.

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