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Dairy Pipeline: August 2003

Charles C. Stallings
Extension Dairy Scientist, Nutrition

Effective September 1, I will leave the Dairy Science Department and become Associate Director of Virginia Cooperative Extension in charge of Agriculture and Natural Resources programs. This move comes after much difficult thought and discussion. I hope I can be part of the solution in assisting Extension in getting turned around after many retirements over the last year. Also I will work with all Agriculture and Natural Resources programs including dairy. It will be a challenge and I'm sure I will need all the help I can get. I will continue as Director of the Forage Testing Lab, at least for a while. Ray Nebel will become the Dairy Science Extension Coordinator and Project Leader. He will coordinate dairy programming of specialists from the department as well as our four Area Dairy Agents. Our agents are Sue Puffenbarger in Franklin County, Andy Overbay in Wythe County, Alan Grove in Rockingham County, and Tina Horn in Augusta County. Lonnie Johnson, who served Central Virginia, became District Director of Extension for Southeast District. Jerry Swisher retired last year, as did Jerry Jones in the department. I look forward to seeing dairy folks in the future and will be looking for an opportunity to talk about dairy nutrition, I'm sure.

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