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Upcoming Activities

Dairy Pipeline: October 2005

Bennet Cassell Extension Dairy Scientist, Genetics and Management

Recruiting Day, Litton Reaves Hall Virginia Tech -- October 15

Area Dairy Conferences: Rocky Mount -- December 6
Registration Contact: Sue Puffenbarger
(540) 483-5161 or

Blackstone -- December 8
Registration Contact: Sue Puffenbarger
(540) 483-5161 or

Marion Farm Bureau -- December 12
Registration Contact: Andy Overbay
(276) 223-6040 or

Brandy Station Fire Hall -- December 15
Registration Contact: Alan Grove
(540) 564-3080 or

EverŐs Restaurant -- December 16
Registration Contacts:
Tina Horn (540) 245-5750 or or Alan Grove (540) 564-3080 or

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