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VTDAIRY: The new Dairy Extension web site

Dairy Pipeline: October 2005

Charles C. Stallings Extension Dairy Scientist, Nutrition and Forage Quality

In September we launched the new platform for presenting our extension programs over the internet. The URL where it can be accessed is We will keep updated statistics on the number of cows in the U. S. and Virginia, number of Grade A dairy herds in Virginia by county, number of DHI farms and cow numbers, and the most recent mailbox price of milk for the area. Also new events from Virginia Tech will be posted that are of interest to the Virginia dairy industry.

Active program areas where information can be found are Animal ID, Environmental Stewardship, Farm Business Management and Marketing, Forage Testing, Genetics, Nutrition and Forage Quality, and Youth. Contact information will be provided for extension agents and specialists as well as state and federal agencies and other allied groups. Links to past issues of the Dairy Pipeline, Dairy Guidelines, Area Dairy Conference Proceedings, and Feed and Nutritional Management Cow College Proceedings can be found at this site. Finally there is an interactive section that will give us another way of communicating.

If you have internet access we hope you will visit us at this site and bookmark it for future use. The site will not stay constant and will be dynamic, changing as new technology allows different ways of communicating.

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