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Agricultural Technology Program Accepting 20th Class

Dairy Pipeline: April 2006

Rachel Hensley
Agricultural Technology Instructor
(540) 231-9663; email:

The two-year Agricultural Technology Program (AT) is accepting its 20th class of students this fall, yet it is still one of the best kept secrets at Virginia Tech. It has gained a positive reputation among potential employers and industry but many students, teachers, and guidance counselors still do not know the program exists.

AT continues to offer a hands-on approach to course work that is attractive to many students who might not otherwise continue their education. All courses are tied to career interests, relieving students of the first two years of liberal arts education required at most universities. A second year Dairy Management course is offered for those students interested in gaining more hands-on, science based knowledge specifically related to the dairy industry. AT currently has 113 students and five full-time faculty, resulting in an attractive faculty/student ratio and a close-knit community.

AT students enjoy all the same benefits of 4-year Virginia Tech students with the exception of participating in NCAA Sports and the ROTC program. There are numerous agricultural clubs and fraternities for students to join including the Collegiate Young Farmer Chapter affiliated with the Virginia Farm Bureau Young Farmers.

The AT Program is still accepting applications for fall 2006. AT handles its own admissions and does not utilize the university's on-line system. The application deadline is July 1, 2006. Admissions requirements include a standard or advanced diploma and a required 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Preference is given to those students with at least a 2.5 GPA. SAT test scores are not required, but applicants must take a placement test identical to that of the Virginia Community College system. Students can take the test on campus or at a participating community college in their area after their initial application has been processed. Students must also interview with an AT faculty member. Interested students should visit the program's website at to download an application.

We are proud to be celebrating our 20th anniversary in August of 2007! Prospective students and their parents are invited to participate in an AT Open House on campus April 1st and AT Dinner Meetings across the state in May. Please see for more information! Come learn more about one of the best kept secrets at Virginia Tech--we hope to see you there!

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