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New Lactating Dairy Cow Approval for Excede® and Changes in Pre-Slaughter Withdrawal For All Ceftiofur Containing Products

Dairy Pipeline: August/September 2006

John Currin
Extension Dairy Veterinarian
(540) 231-5838;

A new formulation of ceftiofur has been approved for use in lactating dairy cows. The new formulation of ceftiofur is called Excede®. Excede ® is unique for lactating dairy cows because it provides 5 to 7 days of therapeutic blood levels for the common BRDC (Bovine respiratory disease complex) pathogens. These pathogens are Mannheimia hemolytica, Pasteurella multocida, and Histophilus somni. The route of administration for Excede® is at the base of the ear (see figure 1). The route of administration is important for both therapeutic blood levels and pre-slaughter withdrawal time. The milk withdrawal time for Excede® is 0 days just like Naxel® and Excenel®.
Previous Slaughter Withdrawal Period
Current Slaughter Withdrawal Period
13 days
Excenel® RTU
2 days
3 days
4 days
Spectramast® DC
3 days
16 days
Spectramast® LC
2 days
Table 1.

High levels of ceftiofur at the site of injection required changes in allowable kidney levels and changes to pre-slaughter withdrawal times for all ceftiofur containing products. Table 1 shows the old and new pre-slaughter withdrawal times for all ceftiofur products approved for lactating dairy cows. Excede® is a prescription product that must be purchased from a veterinarian, and used within the context of a valid veterinarian-clientpatient relationship.

Use this opportunity to review treatment protocols with your veterinarian and ensure compliance with the new withdrawal times. Injection of ceftiofur at any site other than the base of the ear results in extremely long pre-slaughter withdrawal times. The middle of the ear route of administration approved for beef cattle and young dairy heifers should not be used in lactating dairy cows because of the volume of drug to be administered. Complications were seen in dairy cows when the middle of ear route of administration was used.

Although herd B has a lower feed cost/cwt milk, the owners are realizing $0.45 less IOFC/cow/ day than herd A. On a 100 cow dairy that would be a gain of $16,425 over 1 yearís time.

I will admit that I am as complacent as anyone when it comes to regular monitoring of feed cost efficiency. It is fairly easy to stick with the current ration when milk production and feed costs are stable. The only way to know if you are maximizing income over feed costs is to monitor it regularly.

Disclaimer: Commercial products are named in this publication for information purposes only. Virginia Cooperative Extension does not endorse these products and does not intend discrimination against other products which also may be suitable.

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