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Dairy Pipeline Celebrates Its 30th Year

Dairy Pipeline: January 2009

Laura Coffey
VT Forage Program & Extension Technician
(540) 231-6870,

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“The Dairy Pipeline” is celebrating its 30th year of bringing practical, research based information to the dairymen of Virginia. It began as a quarterly publication and has grown into our current monthly newsletter. The first issue in 1980 was titled “Dairy Pipeline…For More Profitable Dairying”. And that has always ultimately been our goal - to put real information into your hands where it could be used to increase profitability.

All publications from August 1982 – January 1994 are now stored in Special Collections in the University Library and the Department of Dairy Science maintains hard copies of earlier issues. In May of 1995, we established a presence on the World Wide Web and all Pipelines generated since that time are archived electronically at

Currently, we use both print and email versions - and of course the current issue is always posted at The Virginia Dairyman carries the corresponding monthly issue so hopefully we’re able to reach all who would find the articles helpful. Additionally, DAIReXNET lists the Pipeline along with dairy newsletters from across the country at

As our world and resources change, so must our operations. In this spirit, we ask those who can to switch their mailed paper subscription to an electronic version (.pdf format). To do this, please send an email to with “Pipeline change” in the subject heading. Also, include your name and the address to which it’s been mailed in the past so we can remove you from the ‘hardcopy’ mailing list.

We’ve seen many changes in the past thirty years, and we’re sure to see many more, but the Dairy Extension group is committed to the dissemination of timely, quality information to Virginia’s dairy farmers. We look forward to serving you for another 30!

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