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1996 Tax Conference Dates

Farm Management Update, June 1996

Leon Geyer

Tuesday, November 12
Wednesday, November 13
Richmond I
Tuesday, November 14
Wednesday, November 15
Tuesday, November 18
Wednesday, November 19
Natural Bridge
Tuesday, November 20
Wednesday, November 21
Tuesday, November 25
Wednesday, November 26
Roanoke/Charleston, WV
Tuesday, December 2
Wednesday, December 3
Tuesday, December 4
Wednesday, December 5
Tuesday, December 9
Wednesday, December 10
Tuesday, December 11
Wednesday, December 12
VA Beach
Tuesday, December 16
Wednesday, December 17
Richmond II

These dates are for the VT Farm & Small business Income Tax Conference.

Contact Katherine Pinkerton (Assistant Director, VT Farm and Small Business Income Tax Conference) via Email:; fax: (540) 231-7417; phone: (540) 231-7936; or write: 302 Hutcheson Hall, Mail Code 0401, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061, with your name, address, & zip code. She will mail you a brochure in September with the detailed information.

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