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New Publications from the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department

Farm Management Update, June 1996

Purcell, Wayne. The Economic Position of Virginia Agriculture, Mid- 1990s. Rural Economic Analysis Program, Special Report. Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech, March 1996. Special Report contains data and commentary on commodities produced in Virginia.

Novak, David, and Jeffrey Alwang. Recycling Programs: Attitudes, Costs, and Designs. Virginia Tech Coop. Ext. 448-222/REAP R-024, May 1996. This report considers ways for rural counties to meet the mandated 25 percent recycling level. Findings show that inconvenience and messiness are two limiting factors to reaching the goal. Ways to overcome these obstacles are investigated.

Cox, Anna, and Jeffrey Alwang. Measuring Retail Trade: An Example from Wytheville. Virginia Tech Coop. Ext. 448-025/REAP R-025, May 1996. This report provides a process whereby communities can evaluate the existing retail trade in terms of growth that has occurred and potential for additional growth. With this information, they can make more informed decisions about the kind of retail trade they would like to attract to the area. Gives an easy to follow example and the sources for the necessary data.

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