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1996 Farm Management Computer Classroom on Wheels Workshops

Farm Management Update, October 1996

Gordon Groover

Listed below are the dates, locations, contact agents, topics, and fees for each of the Computer Classroom on Wheels (CCW) workshops to be held in the November and December of 1996. Please help us in advertizing these workshops. Each contact agent can supply you with registration forms to be used in your county newsletters.

Date Location Contact Topics1 Fees
11/4 WCC Galax Educational Center; Galax J. Osborne at
(540) 773-2491
2 and 6 $25
11/13-14 Laurel Fork Community Center; Carroll County Sharon Helms at
(540) 694-3989
1,2,3, and 4 $40
12/2-4 VA Farm Bureau annual meeting; Richmond Contact a local Farm Bureau office 1,2,4, and 5 $10/topic
12/9-10 Powhatan Extension Office; Powhatan Forest Hobbs at
(804) 598-5640
1,2,3, and 4 $40
12/11-12 Farmers Bank of Appomattox; Appomattox Eric Eberly at
(804) 352-8244
1,2,3, and 5 $40
12/17-18 Pittsylvania Extension Office; Chatham Steve Britt at
(804) 432-2041
1,2,3, and 5 $40
12/19-20 Halifax Extension Office; Halifax Larry McPeters at
(804) 476-2147
1,2,3, and 5 $40

1Topics to be offered in 1996

  1. Introduction to Farm Business Computing: Provide participants with the basic skills to operate Windows-based software, and a brief overview of computer hardware and software and its application to agriculture.

  2. Quicken I -- Introduction to Farm Record Keeping: Introduce participants to keeping their farm records, check writing, statement reconciliation, and financial reports.

  3. Quicken II -- Intermediate Farm Record Keeping: Provide participants with additional details on customizing Quicken to individual farm operations, maintaining enterprise accounts, and generating financial reports.

  4. Introduction to Spreadsheet Applications: A half-day workshop introducing participants to spreadsheets, "what if?" analysis, and use of existing management and decisions support templates.

  5. Farming the Internet: Introduce participants to the internet, e.g. what resources are available to agricultural businesses, what's needed to gain access, terminology, and costs.

  6. Dairy Records with PC-DART: A hands-on look at using PC-DART to assist in day-to-day management decisions.

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