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New Publications from the Agricultural and Applied Economics Department

Farm Management Update, June 1997

Proceedings: Virginia Farmers Adjusting to the 1996 Farm Bill. Contains the text of the speakers' talks and copies their overheads. If you did not receive one and would like a copy contact the REAP office at (540) 231-9443, email: or download it from the REAP homepage:

Available soon from REAP:

Gateway to the Market for Southwest Virginia: a Feasibility Study by Luke A. Colavito, Paul Trupo, Charles W. Coale, Jr., Dixie W. Reaves, and George W. Norton. This report describes the process for evaluating the feasibility of a shipping-point market for horticultural products in Southwest Virginia. It concludes that a market to assemble, chill, grade, and sell fresh produce for supermarket chains will work if the farmers adhere to strict guidelines and if a sufficient amount of high quality produce is available in a timely fashion.

In the works at REAP

To Market . . . To Market . . . Seven Steps to a Marketing Plan for Horticultural Products by Karen Mundy, Charles Coale, and Susan Sterrett. This publication describes what needs to be done in order to develop a marketing plan for horticultural products. Hopefully it will be available by late June.

Tobacco's Important Role in the Economy of Southside Virginia. This report looks at a six-county area in Southside where tobacco is grown, sold, stemmed, and redried. Small changes to the stemming and redrying industry result in large changes in the economy of the region. As the future of tobacco becomes more and more uncertain, the potential for economic disruption increases, if no changes are made.

For copies of either of these REAP Reports, contact the REAP office at (540) 231-9443, or at or see

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