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EQIP Progress

Farm Business Management Update, August 1997

By Gordon Groover of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Ken Carter of NRCS reported on July 22, 1997, that sign-up for the EQIP program is progressing and that FSA has taken in excess of 600-700 applications over the state. In the four priority areas (Blackwater River, Clinch River, Eastern Shore, and the Middle Fork of the Holston) sign-up has varied considerably. The largest number of applications were taken from the Eastern shore where over 360 were received from a diverse group of landowners and vegetable growers. Four applications were reported for the Blackwater River and Rocky Mount reported 28; Middle Fork of the Holston reported 80; and the Clinch River reported 12 to 15.

Service centers around the state will evaluate and rank applications and in August send them to the state office. September 15 is the deadline to have all plans completed, signed, and back to FSA.

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