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Fence Budgets

Farm Business Management Update, October 1997

By Henry Snodgrass of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Fences are a major capital expense on the livestock farms. The following is a summary of fence budgets recently updated. For detailed information on fence styles listed, contact the Farm Business Management Agent serving your area.

Based on fencing a 40-acre field, 1,320 feet per side. Flat land, 4 corners, one gate opening, double brace assembly.

Labor Cost $8.00 per hour; Machine Cost $15.00 per hour.

Charger $340 Depreciated over 5 years, Ground System $58 depreciated over 5 years.

Summary of Fencing Cost

Cost per Foot
  Materials Labor Machine
Woven Wire 47 inches
12 Foot Post Spacing
5 Strand Barbed Wire
12 Foot Post Spacing
5 Strand HT- 2 Electric
25 Foot Post Spacing
8 Strand HT -3 Electric
25 Foot Post Spacing
2 Strand HT - Electric
25 Foot Post Spacing
2 Strand HT - Electric
30 Foot Post Spacing

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