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Mid-Atlanta Direct Marketing Conference and Trade Show

Farm Business Management Update, December 1998

By Charlie Coale of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

The Mid-Atlanta Direct Marketing Conference and Trade Show will be held at the Princess Royale in Ocean City, Maryland, February 17-20, 1999. The theme is "Direct Marketers View the New Century."

We focus this year on looking ahead -- with thoughts from both outside and inside our region.

The activities will start on Wednesday afternoon, February 17, with two "hands on" workshops. Two full days of programming follow with: (1) a look ahead, (2) "plain talk" about food safety, (3) eight breakout sessions plus "braggs and blunders," (4) our Trade Show is second to none on the East Coast. The social highlight of the conference will be our "Mardi Gras" dinner and entertainment. The 1999's conference ends Saturday with a tour of a variety of stops from a cotton gin to seafood and bay products business.

For more information, contact Charlie Coale by e-mail: or by phone: (540) 231-5562.

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