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A Vegetable and Small Fruit Post Harvest Conference for Producers, and for Agricultural Extension and Research Workers

Farm Business Management Update, April 1999

By Charlie Coale of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

An agricultural Extension and research committee has developed a vegetable and small fruit post harvest handling program supporting farmers selling to Virginia wholesale markets and to customers of Virginia direct markets. The subject matter content features information on produce marketing trends, buyers' attitudes and procedures; post harvest handling, cooling, storing, and inspecting of farm produce; physical distribution and transportation of produce. Tours of two Virginia wholesale markets--a shipping-point market and a food distribution center will help reinforce the principles. You are encouraged to invite your county producers to participate. Registration and program material will follow this note on or about April 15, 1999.

A registration fee will be charged and will be set at about $30.00. Lodging: Sheraton Inn, Fredericksburg, Va., government room rates: $50.00, Others, $69.00.

Location:   Sheraton Inn, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Dates:   Tuesday--Thursday, May 25-27, 1999
Conference registration:   11:00 a.m., Tuesday, May 25, 1999
Contact:   Charlie Coale (540)-231-5562

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