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Farm Business Management Update, April 2000

Farm Financial Issues and Options, by Gordon Groover and Mike Roberts. To address the need for farm-level information on government programs, Virginia Cooperative Extension conducted three Farm Financial Conferences in Eastern Virginia. The purpose for the Farm Financial Conferences was to bring together information from the major sources of government support and assistance to Virginia's farmers: 1) Commodity programs; 2) Loan programs; 3) Conservation programs; 4) Risk management programs (crop insurance); and 5) VCE educational programs. Information from each of the presentations are highlighted in five papers addressing the main issues of 1) what funds are available; 3) who qualifies; 3) how to apply; and 4) what does it imply to the survival of the business. In each paper, links to Internet sites are provide so that readers can access additional information and/or link directly to a state, federal, or private sector agencies for assistance. The five topical areas are as follows:

  1. Farm Service Agency Loan Programs
  2. Farm Service Agency Commodity Programs
  3. Conservation and Cost-Share Assistance
  4. Crop Insurance Making Good Business Sense
  5. Pulling it Together: Risk and Farm Business Management Planning

The complete document can be found at

The Income Side of Seasonal vs. Year-Round Pasture-based Milk, VCE Publication Number 404-113, by Gordon Groover. Seasonal price trends and their implication for Virginia dairy farmers are discussed based on 10 years of Virginia milk prices. VCE Publication Number 404-113 also can be ordered from the VCE Distribution center by calling (540) 231-6192.

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