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Farm Business Management Update, August 2000

Poultry Litter for Corn Exchange Program for Virginia by Beth Ann Pelletier and David Kenyon describes the potential for such an exchange program. With the passage of HB 1207, which requires nutrient management plans for poultry growers based on phosphorus requirement by plants, the poultry producing regions of Virginia, especially the Shenandoah Valley, will produce more litter than can be land applied in the region. They also ship corn in from the mid-west to meet their feed needs. The corn producing areas of the state have a surplus of corn, especially at harvest. The idea behind a poultry litter for corn exchange program is to move the litter to the corn producing areas of the state and the surplus corn to the poultry producing areas. The feasibility of this proposal is evaluated by Kenyon and Pelletier. To obtain copies, contact Karen Mundy, REAP Communications Coordinator, at (540) 231-9443 or by email

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