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Institute for Planning Commissioners To Be Held in October at Natural Bridge

Farm Business Management Update, August 2000

By Michael Chandler

The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, in partnership with the Virginia Citizens Planning Association and Virginia Cooperative Extension, is pleased to announce that the 2000 Virginia Institute for Planning Commissioners will be held October 9 and 10 at the Natural Bridge Inn and Conference Center located in Rockbridge County.

Virginia Tech has been a proud co-sponsor of the institute since 1980. The goal of the program is to provide Virginia's citizen planners with training and information regarding a broad range of issues important to the art and science of community planning.

The 2000 Institute will feature 17 different sessions. An exceptional array of speakers, including the Executive Director of the American Planning Association, and AAEC faculty members Leon Geyer, Waldon Kerns, and Michael Chandler, will be featured. Jesse Richardson and John Randolph, faculty members in the Virginia Tech Department of Urban Affairs and Planning will also be featured.

Topics to be covered include property rights and takings law, water quality management principles, land trusts and conservation easements, and strategies for managing growth and change at the local level.

Registration is $165. The fee covers all activities and events except lodging. The program will begin at noon on October 9 and will conclude at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 10. Questions regarding the Institute can be directed to Michael Chandler at (540) 231-6921 or

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