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Dan Kauffman Returns to Virginia Tech

Farm Business Management Update, June 2001

By Gordon Groover

Dan Kauffman rejoins Virginia Tech with the title of Seafood Business Specialist at the Virginia Seafood AREC, Hampton. He was formerly an Assistant Professor in the Ag Econ Department in the mid-80s, where he taught Agri-business Management and Ag Marketing. In the intervening time, he was president of Amory Seafood and national sales representative at Wanchese Fish, both in Hampton. Most recently he has been working on marketing of frozen seafood to regional and national retail chains. His appointment requires that he work primarily on seafood-related projects, but his traditional Ag Econ roots remain. He will be glad to assist on finance or marketing projects, as agents and specialists desire and his time permits. He can be reached by e-mail at or by telephone at (757) 727-4861.

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