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Agent University a Professional Development Educational Program to Support Alternative Crops

Farm Business Management Update, April 2002

Dates: May 12-16, 2002
Location: Hotel Roanoke and Conference Center
Costs: $995

An exciting four-day program concentrates on Strawberry Plasticulture and Greenhouse Tomatoes --Two High-Value Crops to Consider in a Farm Diversification Program. Dr. E. Barclay Poling of North Carolina State University will be leading the strawberry plasticulture training that will be highlighted by visits to the farms of several of the most successful strawberry plasticulture farmers in Eastern United States. There will also be a special opportunity for agents to get some "hands-on " instruction in setting up a strawberry plug production system as well as take a "peak " at some of the revolutionary changes taking place in strawberry plug propagation, including new research on waiting-bed plugs. Contact Charlie Coale at (540) 231-5562 or by e-mail at: for details.

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