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Editor's Note

Farm Business Management Update, August/September 2003

By Gordon Groover

Both universities and farm business managers face the challenge of limited personnel. Consequently, you will notice a few changes/improvements in this issue. Getting the "management word" to farm business managers requires that faculty and extension agents are daily involved in management and agricultural economics work. Over the last year, Virginia's farm business management faculty and extension agents have declined sharply. To keep the Farm Business Management Update relevant to the needs of our clients becomes increasingly difficult. Therefore, via the Southern Extension Farm Management Committee (SEFMC), we are working collaboratively to get timely management information into your hands. This month articles are from The Quick Tips newsletter edited by Damona Doye, Extension Economist, Okalahoma State and two timely articles from Geoff Benson, Extension Economist, North Carolina State University. If you have comments or questions, please contact me, Gordon Groover, by phone (540) 231-5850 or e-mail

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