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Farm Business Management Update, April/May 2004

By Gordon Groover

Dr. Herbert H. Stoevener assumed the duties as Interim Head for the Department on April 1, 2004. His position is half-time and temporary (perhaps for a year) until funds become available to fill this position on a regular basis.

This assignment is not entirely new for Dr. Stoevener. He served as Head for the Department from 1980 to 1991. After that, and until his retirement from Virginia Tech in 1998, he worked in several capacities in the office of the University Provost in the international programs area.

Dr. Stoevener has a life-time of experience with the land grant university system. He did his undergraduate work in agriculture at Cornell University and his graduate work in agricultural economics at the University of Illinois, and was a faculty member for 18 years in agricultural economics at Oregon State University before coming to Virginia Tech. His teaching and research interests have been primarily in the economics of natural resource management.

Dr. Stoevener replaces Dr. Leon Geyer as Department Head. Dr. Geyer continues his very active program in the department in teaching, extension, and research.

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