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Farm Business Management Update, October/November 2004

By Gordon Groover, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Farm Business Management, VT

Last year we were concerned about hurricane Isabel (some still are), now parts of the state are dealing with devastating effects of Gaston and Jeanne. Listed below are selective disaster information and web sites at USDA that maybe helpful. The main USDA Disaster Assistance Program site is This site has information for both the national level and specific programs. It may not have all the details about program implementation, but it will be useful for informing farmers about eligibility, where to apply, and deadlines. Local FSA offices may not have the details about programs when press releases are posted to this site. Local FSA offices do not get information until all procedures are in place to accept applications for a specific program. The main Virginia resource for clearing information on state disaster services and information is the Virginia Department of Emergency Management (VDEM): the main web site is

Natural disasters often result in losses that have tax implications. Guido van der Hoeven,

Extension Specialist in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at NC State University has an excellent article addressing this issue. The article is titled "Casualty Loss Deductions for Tax Purposes" and can be found at his web site:

Farm business managers should consider putting the following activities on their management calendar for October-November.

Other useful information for farmers and professionals:

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