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Farm Business Management Update, February/March 2005

By Gordon Groover (, Extension Economist, Farm Management, Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Over the last two weeks I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk with farmers, extension agents and specialists, and many others about profitable forage and fencing systems at five of the area Virginia Forage and Grassland Council Conferences. I'm always convinced I'm the one on the learning end of these speaking engagements. The questions and discussions help me formulate the practical questions for research and extension work. So I would hope that getting out to meetings and workshops to listen and ask questions of others farmers, service provides, and speakers will help you critique your farm business and formulate new plans and options to improve profitability. This concept is nothing new; some 2,400 years ago Socrates used questioning to help Athenians gain knowledge.

Remember the first day of spring is less than two months away and federal taxes for most farmers are due to the IRS by March 1. Listed below are the items that need to be included on the farm business managers' calendar for the first quarter of 2005.

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