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Quicken 2006

Farm Business Management Update, December 2005/January 2006

By Lori J. Shipman, Extension Associate, and Damona Doye, Extension Economist, Oklahoma State University

The Quicken 2006 editions are on the market. Quicken 2006 comes in four versions: Deluxe (which we use for our tutorials), Premier, Premier Home and Business, and Quicken for Mac. Quicken Deluxe has the basic financial record and report features plus investment tracking suitable for most users. Quicken Premier adds some online and investment features that are beneficial to people who invest and track investments closely. Quicken Premier Home and Business adds features such as invoicing for accounts payable that small businesses may find helpful. Both Premier versions have extended tax reporting features. These three versions are Pentium 200 or Pentium II 300 pc compatible. System requirements necessary for them to function appropriately include

Here is what is new for Quicken 2006:

Evaluate carefully whether you need to upgrade. If you intend to upgrade, check to make sure you have the proper system requirements to operate the software.

Quicken Support Sunsets for Some Earlier Versions
As Quicken upgrades come along more attention is focused on newer versions. Quicken 2002 and earlier versions of Quicken are part of the support sunset over the past year.

These versions remain functional on some levels; however, online features are disabled. Online features include bill payment, downloading stock and financial information from financial institutions and Quicken. Additionally, live customer support is no longer available.

Depending on your use of Quicken, you may want to look at an upgrade.

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