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Professor Emeritus Robert Kenneth Reynolds

Farm Business Management Update, October - November 2008

By Gordon Groover (,Extension Economist, Farm Management, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech

Bob Reynolds, 76, of Blacksburg, died Tuesday, August 12, 2008, at North Carolina Baptist Hospital. Bob served Virginia and Virginia Tech as a farm management specialist in the Agricultural Economics Department for 30 years. He mentored faculty members and numerous farm management agents all across the state. Bob was my mentor both as an extension agent and later as a specialist. I owe my understanding of extension to his leadership and tutelage. He served the State of Virginia in a number of ways. Specifically, he was instrumental in the development of a mail-in farm records system for farmers, and he developed educational programs that helped managers of farms, greenhouses, and nurseries to make better financial decisions. Most importantly, he could communicate complex concepts in a manner that helped everyone understand the steps required to improve their business. Our sympathies go out to his wife, Pat, their daughters, family members, and friends.

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