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Pullorum Certification Clinic Dates Set For 2000

Livestock Update, January 2000

Phillip J. Clauer, Extension Poultry Specialist, Small Flocks/4-H Youth, Virginia Tech

Dr. Gabe Meza has informed me the dates for the 2000 Pullorum Certification / Recertification Clinics will be held on April 1st and 8th, 2000 at the Harrisonburg State Diagnostic Laboratory. Pullorum is a bacterium infection that is transmitted by the egg from hen to chick and spread from egg to egg. The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) has virtually eradicated Pullorum in domestic poultry. However, Virginia law requires all poultry sold or exhibited in the state to be tested. Individuals can get certified to test their own fowl at this workshop. For more information Contact Dr. Gabe Meza at (540) 434-3987.

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