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Pennsylvania Produces Blueprint for Cattle Feeders

Livestock Update, April 2000

John B. Hall, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, Virginia Tech

Penn State along with Moyer Packing Company and the Pennsylvania Beef Council have developed a new set of guidelines for cattle feeders in that state called "Blueprint for Success for Feeding Cattle in Pennsylvania." The Blueprint is based on a ten-point quality benchmark for Pennsylvania fed cattle. Included in the Blueprint are suggestions on feeding and feed management, use of growth promoting implants, feeder cattle selection, health management, facilities, financial and risk management, marketing and quality assurance.

The purpose behind the blueprint is to promote cattle feeding in Pennsylvania, increase profitability and improve overall product quality. Virginia Beef Extension Specialists are currently evaluating this document relative to its impact on Virginia feeder cattle and changes (if any) we need to make to meet this customers need. Until further evaluation is complete, we are not encouraging Virginia producers to make drastic changes to their operation based on this document. The 33-page document may be of interest to extension agents and producers. It can be accessed on the web at

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