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2000 Block & Bridle Horse Judging Contest Results

Livestock Update, May 2000

Larry Lawrence, Extension Animal Scientist, Horses, Virginia Tech

Senior High Point Individuals Overall:
1. Kristen GrzechFauquier530
2. Kelly PittsHanover C524
3. Carmen SmithHanover A524
4. Carolyn RiceFauquier B518
5. Cameron NuckolsGoochland514
6. Micah PughRockingham A514
7. Jacqui LawsLee513
8. Charlotte HatchLoudoun A509
9. Jennifer TurnerHanover C506
10. Lisa BethuneLoudoun A506

Senior High Point Teams Overall:
1. Hanover CT. Smith; K, Pitts; J. Turner1510
2. Loudoun AC. Pederson; L. Bethune; C. Hatch; H. Ketterman1510
3. Botetourt/FauquierR. Bandy; H. Bare; K. Grzech1494
4. Hanover AA. Francis; A. Cox; C. Smith1479
5. LeeJ. Artrip; A. Givins; J. Laws1476

Senior Reasons High Point Individuals:
1. Cameron NuckolsGoochland145
2. Kristen GrzechFauquier143
3. Kelly PittsHanover C142
4. Micah PughRockingham A140
5. Carmen SmithHanover A138
6. Carolyn RiceFauquier B136
7. Jacqui LawsLee136
8. Jennifer TurnerHanover C134
9. Jessica ArtripLee134
10. Christopher DelaneySalem130

Senior Reasons High Point Teams:
1. Hanover CT. Smith; K. Pitts; J. Turner403
2. Hanover AA. Francis; A. Cox; C. Smith386
3. LeeJ. Artrip; A. Givens; J. Laws378
4. Fauquier BC. Rice; B. Casey; S. Casey; J. Smith377
5. Loudoun AC. Pederson; L. Bethune; C. Hatch; H. Ketterman368

Junior High Point Individuals Overall:
1. Casey ChapmanHanover D389
2. Louisa JohnsonWarren385
3. Brooke PettitAlbemarle381
4. Cody ArmstrongHighland380
5. Kendall O'MalleyFranklin380
6. Mary WilsonClarke379
7. Tori LockwoodClarke379
8. Casey NicolGoochland378
9. Leighann SmithHanover C377
10. Cricket CullenHanover B375

Junior High Point Team Overall:
1.WarrenL. Johnson; B. Stone; K. Stone1129
2.Hanover CC. Paca; M. Goodloe; L. Smith; M. Paca1124
3.Hanover BK. Manelas; T. Climaldi; C. Cullen; L. Bachmann1114
4.AlbemarleL. Ryalls; C. Solis; B. Pettit; C. Lawson1104
5.Hanover DC. Chapman; R. Gravitt; A. Martin1101

Junior Reasons:
1.Brooke PettitAlbemarle47
2.Casey NicolGoochland46
3.Megan GoodloeHanover C46
4.Claye PacaHanover C46
5.Chad FunkhouserRockingham A46
6.Erin MurrayFauquier45
7.Tara ClimaldiHanover B45
8.Mary WilsonClarke44
9.Margaret PacaHanover C44
10.Leighann SmithHanover C43

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