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4-H Livestock Information on the Web

Livestock Update, June 2000

Mark Wahlberg, Extension Animal Scientist, 4-H/Livestock, Virginia Tech

Virginia Cooperative Extension maintains an information-packed web site that grows monthly. A recent addition to the 4H web site is expanded information about Animal Science projects. Major categories at this site include Dairy, Poultry, and Livestock. Material available on Dairy and Poultry is quite extensive, and the Livestock material is growing rapidly.

At the Livestock site you will find a schedule of county and regional livestock shows held throughout Virginia. This is the same information which used to distributed as a hard copy entitled Livestock Show Schedule. Specific events are listed, including the Beef Expo, Livestock Judging, and Stockmens Contest. Content includes an overall description, entry forms, background information, and contest materials from previous years.

This information can be accessed through two or three portals. The VCE intranet has a menu that includes 4H, and appropriate choices leading to 4H Livestock can be chosen. From the public web site the user can select 4H, then Programs, then Animal Science, and finally Livestock. There will shortly be a third access point to 4H Animal Science from the main Animal Science section.

The specific site address is Please share this information with volunteer leaders, judging team coaches, and other appropriate individuals. A great deal more material is scheduled to be posted there this year, so keep checking for updates.

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