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Poultry Federation Contest Results

Livestock Update, June 2000

Phil Clauer, Extension Poultry Specialist, Small Flocks/4-H Youth, Virginia Tech

The Virginia Poultry Federation judging contest was held at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds on Thursday, May 11, 2000. Total participation in the judging contest was 33 teams and 119 individuals. This contest also serves as the State 4-H Judging Contest. Results in each division were as follows:

What follows are the 4-H and FFA Results:

Division I - Junior 4-H
1stplace team -- Fairfax County Team A.
Coached by Judy Galante.
Team members: James Galante, Erin Johnson, and Lauren Ruth
2ndplace team -- Fairfax County Team Z
3rdplace team -- Culpeper County
4thplace Team -- Loudoun County
1stErin JohnsonFairfax A
2ndSarah LilyFairfax Z
3rdJames GalanteFairfax A
4thLisa GollobinFairfax Z
5thTim DunlapLoudoun
6thLauren RuthFairfax A
7thTeresa HiblCulpeper
8tEmily Hibl Culpeper
9thJessica BakerCulpeper
10thAlex NepplFairfax Z
Division II - Senior 4-H
1stplace team -- Fairfax County 4-H.
Coached by Judy Galante
Team members: Laura Galante, and Charlotte Hansen
2ndplace team -- Loudoun County
3rdplace team -- Culpeper County
4thplace team -- Charlotte County.
1stLaura GalanteFairfax County
2ndElizabeth GeigerCharlotte County
3rdMonica GanleyFairfax County
4thHalsey GreenLouisa County
5thMolly HiblCulpeper County
6thCharlotte HansenFairfax County
7thRyan SengpiehlLoudoun County
8thMichelle JenkinsLoudoun County
9thJosh BakerCulpeper County
10thDane WenceLoudoun County
Division I - Junior FFA
1stplace team -- Stonewall Jackson FFA
Coached by Jay Jarred
Team members: John Dellinger, Kenny Detwiler,
Matt Davis, and Andrew Dellinger
2ndplace team -- Sherando
3rdplace team -- Broadway
4thplace team -- Turner Ashby
5thplace team -- Page County
1stJohn DellingerStonewall Jackson
2ndJimmy HuffmanSherando
3rdIsaac BurgessBroadway
4thDaniel HuppBroadway
5thAndrew DellingerStonewall Jackson
6thNicole RossCentral H. S.
7thCody MillerPage County
8thJosh StephenPeter Muhlenberg
9thMatt DavisStonewall Jackson
10thJennifer WarnerTurner Ashby
Division II - Senior FFA
1stplace team -- Spotswood H.S.
Coached by Wayne Cupp
Team members: Adam Bowman, Caleb Davis and Chris Threewitts
2ndplace team -- Turner Ashby
3rdplace team -- Sherando
4thplace team -- Strasburg
5thplace team -- Page County
1sCaleb DavisSpotswood
2ndAutumn FullerSherando
3rdBradley ShifflettTurner Ashby
4thLee ThreewittsSpotswood
5thKaren WarnerTurner Ashby
6th Spotswood
7thAdam BowmanSpotswood
8thLogan TusingStonewall Jackson
9thJamie MatthewsStrasburg
10thChris ThreewittsSpotswood

I would like to thank all the supporters of the Youth Convention -- WLR, Inc., Tysons, Perdue, Rocco, Faraway Farm Eggs and Glenwood Farms. Rockingham Poultry Servicemen's Committee sponsored the judging contest awards again this year.

Special thanks to the USDA Graders Service and Virginia Tech Extension Poultry Specialists for helping set-up the contest and serving as official.

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