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Dates to Remember

Livestock Update, December 2000


2 -- VA BCIA All-Breed Performance Tested Bull and Commercial Heifer Sale, Staunton. Contact: Scott Greiner, (540)231-9159
6 -- VA R.O.P. Shipment. Contact: Bill McKinnon, (540)231-9160
9 -- VA BCIA Culpeper Senior Bull Test Sale, Culpeper. Contact: Scott Greiner, (540)231-9159

27 -- VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine Beef Cattle Health Conference, Blacksburg. Contact: Dee Whittier, (540)231-4642

1- 4 -- National Cattlemen's Beef Association Convention, San Antonio, TX. Contact: Bill McKinnon, (540)231-9160
21-23 -- VA Beef Industry Convention and Beef Producers Short Course, Hot Springs, VA. Contact: Bill McKinnon, (540)231-9160

1 -- Orange County Stocker Cattle Workshop, Orange. Contact: Bill McKinnon, (540)231-9160
1 -- Monterey Stocker Cattle Workshop, Monterey. Contact: Bill McKinnon, (540)231-9160
2 -- Marshall Area Stocker Cattle Workshop, Marshall. Contact: Bill McKinnon, (540)231-9160
6 -- Shenandoah Valley Stocker Cattle Workshop. Harrisonburg. Contact: Bill McKinnon, (540)231-9160
14 -- Cattle Handling and Facilities Workshop, Shenandoah Valley AREC, Steeles Tavern. Contact: Dave Fiske, (540)377-2255


1-2 -- VA Tech Livestock and Poultry Youth Weekend, VA Tech. Contact: Mark Wahlberg, (540)231-9161 or Dan Eversole (540)231-4738

16-17 -- VA Tech Block & Bridle Club 4-H & FFA Stockman's and Livestock Judging Contest. Contact: Mark Wahlberg, (540)231-9161.
24 -- Regional Youth Cattle Working Contest, Madison County. Contact: Bill McKinnon, (540)231-9160
31 -- Regional Youth Cattle Working Contest, Rockingham County. Contact: Bill McKinnon, (540)231-9160


5 - 6 -- VA-NC Shepherd's Symposium, Sheraton Four Points Hotel, Harrisonburg. Contact: Scott Greiner, (540-231-9159
6 -- VA Commercial Ewe Lamb Development Program Sale, Rockingham County Fairgrounds, Harrisonburg. Contact: Scott Greiner, (540)231-9159


1 -- Virginia Pork Industry Conference, Wakefield, VA. Contact: Allen Harper, (757)657-6450, Ext. 106

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