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Beef Management Tips

Livestock Update, April 2001

John Hall, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, VA Tech

April Beef Management Calendar

Spring Calving Herds

Fall calving herds

Is Implanting Heifers a Good Idea?

When trying to decide if you should implant your heifers, the most important question is "Will she be a replacement or a feeder heifer?" If you can identify the heifer as a potential replacement then I generally recommend that you NEVER implant her. However, if there is a possibility she may not be a replacement heifer that 1 implant AFTER 60 DAYS of age appears not to be detrimental. Reproductive failure in heifers implanted before they are 2 months old is high. In addition, two implants given to replacement heifers appear to be harmful. Certainly, heifers that are destine to be feeder heifers should be implanted and they can be implanted at birth. Ralgro, Synovex-C and Component-C are all good choices for implants for feeder heifers.

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