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VT Farm and Family Showcase

Livestock Update, August 2001

Dwight Paulette, VA Tech

Virginia Tech will host the first annual Farm and Family Showcase next September 5-6. It is being sponsored by the colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Human Resources and Education, Natural Resources, and Veterinary Medicine. The purpose of the Showcase is to provide technical information to those in the industries of agriculture and natural resources, as well as to landowners, homeowners, and families. It has also been designed to educate consumers on issues pertinent to sponsoring colleges and their respective industries, and will be offered in a family-oriented setting at Kentland Farm outside Blacksburg along picturesque New River. Wednesday evening from 4-8 pm has been designated "Family Night" with special activities planned.

There will be technical programs, exciting features, and numerous attractions in the areas of production agriculture and agribusiness, forestry, fisheries and wildlife, environment and conservation, lawn and garden, home and family, and human health and nutrition. Additionally, 4-H, FFA, and other youth activities will be offered, and Virginia Tech officials will be on hand to answer questions and provide information to prospective students and their parents. Food will be available throughout each day.

A large trade show will be tailored to a diverse audience, and activities will include displays, tours, demonstrations, seminars, and interactive programs. They will be scheduled multiple times throughout the Showcase so that attendees can customize their schedules. The Showcase will have something for everyone - agriculturists, the forest industry, homeowners, gardeners, outdoor enthusiasts, families, and children. Program topics include:

Livestock and Poultry
Beef Quality Assurance Program Comparative Techniques of Al in Swine and Dairy Cattle
Beef Cattle Management Carcass and Pregnancy Ultrasonography (Swine)
Beef Carcass Ultrasound Demonstration Genetic Selection of Swine
Fetal Sexing Using Ultrasound (Beef) Difference of Genetic Selection of Market Hogs
Birthing Center (Sheep and Beef Cattle) Displays of Buffalo, Hatching of Baby Chicks, dairy breeds, meat goats, and sow/litter
Livestock Watering and Stream Protection Tour Sheep Shearing and Wool Processing
Working Sheep Dog Demonstrations Milk Bottling
Cheese Making 

Introduction to New Trails Brochure Packing Demonstration
Planning and Preparing for A Day on the Trail Feeding the Pleasure Horse
Black Jack Vaulters Training and Conditioning the Trail Horse
Emergency First Aid on the Trail Pony Rides

Field Crops and Forages
Weed Variety Garden Poultry Litter and Other N Sources on Stockpiled Fescue
Visual Demonstration of Herbicide Selectivity and Safety Implementing Biotechnology in Crop
Honey Bees - The Essential InsectProduction Agriculture
Amazing Maize Maze Corn Hybrid Trials: Discussion and Tour
Soybeans: From Wild Plants to Part of Everyone's Diet Wild and Wooly Progenitors of Corn Germplasm
Evaluation of Warm Season Grasses in a Forage Program GLS/MDM Research
Agroforestry Demonstration Fungicide Spray Trials
Pesticide Rinsate Disposal Corn Germplasm and Disease Resistance
Corn: From Food to Decoration 

Equipment and Farm Fruit and Vegetable Production
Equipment Field Demonstrations -Mowers, Tedders, Rakes, Balers, Bale Handling Tree Fruit Production Research: Discussion and Tour
Corn Silage: Harvest of 30" Rows, Forage Harvester, Dump Wagon, Filling of Bunker Silo Pest Management for Tree Fruit Crops Vegetable Production Research: Discussion and Tour
No-Till Drills, Deep Tillage Display of Fall Vegetable and Fruit Crops
General Farm Tours, Virtual Farm 

A sampling of other special events includes: Wood Magic, Water Wizard, sawmilling, Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate, butterfly gardens, water creations for the yard, woodland management, Toms Creek Conservation Project, fall vegetable gardening, composting, perennial beds, do-it-yourself patios, archery lessons for kids, muzzleloading tips, coyote control, and the Hokie Bird.

For additional information and a full program schedule, access the Showcase website at

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