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Virginia Tech Research Herd

Livestock Update, August 2001

Bill Beal, Animal & Poultry Sciences, VA Tech

June 16th Noon
Kentland Farm, Blacksburg, VA

Saturday June 16, 2001 two hundred and two potential buyers registered to purchase 88 lots at the Virginia Tech Research Herd Dispersal Sale. The sale grossed $429,050 to average $4,876 per lot. Cattle sold to buyers from 16 states (ME, 17; NC, 14; WV, 11; TX, 11, KY, 7; VA, 5; OH, 4; MD, 3; AL, 3; IL, 3; MS, 2; GA, 2; TN, 2; MT, 2; PA, 1; KS, 1).

Lots Gross Average
53 Bred cows $240,800 $4,543
35 Bred heifers $188,250 $5,378
88 Total lots $429,050 $4,876

Pineland Farms of New Gloucester, ME bid $18,000 to purchase the top selling Lot 1, GAR Precision H128, a bred 3-yr-old daughter of GAR Precision 1680 that is a full-sister to the Select Sires bull, GAR Pinnacle. Pineland Farms was also the top volume buyer with 17 lots purchased.

In addition to Lot 1, three other featured cows topped the $10,000 mark Foxcross Farm, Alderson, WV purchased Lot 3, VT EXT S22 for $10,000. Her 4-yr-old daughter, Lot 8, VT 6807 Traveler U9, was purchased by Pineland Farms for $14,000. The foundation donor, Lot 6, VT 6807 Traveler R43, a direct daughter of the dam, GAR Scotch Cap 867, went to Pine Coulee Angus, Absarokee, MT and Paws Up Angus, Greenough, MT for $12,750.

The sale was punctuated by a strong set of 20-month-old bred heifers that averaged $5,378 per lot. The highlight among the bred heifers was Lot 57, VT EXT W7 carrying a GAR Precision 1680 heifer calf. She brought $15,000 and went to Pineland Farms. Pineland struck again on Lot 60, VT EXT W35, a powerful ET daughter of VT 6807 Traveler R43 that was purchased for $10,000. Roy Stanley of Charleston, WV purchased Lot 58, VT EXT W13 and Lot 65, VT 6807 Traveler W17 for $7,000 and $4,750, respectively. Millstone Farm, Nicholasville, KY and Pineland Farm each purchased a daughter of the donor female, VT EXT S22. Millstone bid $7,000 to purchase Lot 69, VT Traveler 8180 W47 and Pineland owns Lot 90, VT 6807 Traveler W31 after bidding $9,000.

The sale was managed by Cotton & Associates with assistance from the Virginia Angus Association. Mike Jones auctioneered and Bill Powell, Scott Weller, Chuck Grove and Dick Carmicheal served as ringmen. Lunch was served by the Virginia Association of Agriculture Extension Agents.

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