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Beef Management Tips, January 2002

Livestock Update, January 2002

John Hall, Animal & Poultry Sciences

Beef Management Tips, January 2002

Here's a wish list I developed a few years ago, but it's a good idea to review it. Here's wishing you a successful 2002.

A Cow's Wish for 2002

In 2002 please give me:
1. Good working facilities - so I don't get hurt
2. Improved pasture management for better grazing
3. A good free choice loose mineral with high copper and selenium
4. Regular body condition checks to decide when to supplement
5. A bull that meets VQA requirements, maybe even an AI bull
6. Attention during calving sometimes I need help or my calf is weak
7. A 60 to 90 day breeding season, I don't like that bull that much
8. A complete vaccination program that includes lepto
9. Process my calf at birth so he gets a good start and is identified
10. Dewormer for my calves, but none for me. I'm resistant to worms!
11. Control of those darn flies
12. A vaccination and weaning program for my calf so he won't get sick
13. Veterinarians that know what they're doing and can give you an estimated calving date
14. A marketing program for my calf so he sells well and you can afford to keep me another year.
15. Finally, if this is the year I don't measure up market me quickly and effectively. Not as a cripple or thin cow.

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