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Beef Health Conference Scheduled

Livestock Update, February 2002

Rodney P. Leech, Extension Agent, Animal Science, Highland County

Virginia Cooperative Extension and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine will host a beef cattle health conference on Friday, February 15, 2001 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn in Staunton. Classes will cover information on beef cattle management that is designed to be useful for cow/calf and stocker/backgrounding producers of all knowledge levels.

The morning sessions will include several discussions on disease prevention and treatment programs. Dr. Dee Whittier, DVM, Beef Cattle Extension Specialist at Virginia Tech, will address concerns on biosecurity and agroterrorism. Current research and information on foot and mouth disease will be covered by Dr. Ernest Hovingh, DVM, Dairy Extension Specialist from Virginia Tech. Proper use of vaccines and vaccine failure will be discussed by Dr. John Currin, DVM, Food Animal Extension Specialist. Dr. Bob Duncan, DVM, Assistant Professor of Pathobiology will discuss using autopsies to identify causes of death and the value of using autopsies to prevent future problems. Pete Martens, Animal Science Extension Agent for Rockingham County, will outline proper ways of disposing of dead animals.

Following lunch, producers will have the option of joining either a cow/calf session or a stocker/backgrounder session. The cow/calf program will include discussions by local extension agents and specialists on: identifying and troubleshooting herd health problems, culling cows, and prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of grass tetany. Topics for stocker producers and backgrounders will include: identification and treatment of mycloplasma in calves, treatment regiments and products, source identification, and maintenance of herd health records.

The registration fee for the course is $15 per person for registrations received by February 12, 2002 or $20 per person at the door. The fee includes lectures, lunch, afternoon sessions, and proceedings. Contact any of the following Extension Offices to register: Augusta (540-245-5750), Bath (540-839-7261), Highland (540-468-2225), or Rockingham (540-564-3080).

If you are a person with a disability and desire assistance or accommodations to participate in this Extension activity, please contact your local Extension Office at least two weeks prior to the event to discuss accommodations.

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