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Retirement Prompts Responsibility Changes in Extension Beef Group

Livestock Update, August 2002

John B. Hall, Extension Animal Scientist, Beef, VA Tech

The retirement of Mr. Bill McKinnon, Livestock Marketing Specialist, has necessitated shifting of responsibilities among the Extension Beef Cattle Group. Several programs for which Bill was the leader will continue such as the VA Retained Ownership Program, VQA certified calf program and Beef Quality Assurance. Current members of the Extension Beef Cattle Group and their responsibilities are listed below. Programs in bold indicate those transferred from the Livestock Marketing Specialist position.

Extension Specialist Primary Area of Responsibilities Major Programs
Dr. John B. Hall Cow/Calf Management Reproduction/Nutrition
  • Virginia Premium Assured Heifers*
  • Beef Producer University
  • Virginia Cow Calf Management Course
  • VA Beef Quality Assurance*
  • Virginia Quality Assured Feeder Cattle**
  • Dr. Scott P. Greiner Genetics Carcass Quality
  • VA Bull Testing Program
  • VA Beef Cattle Improvement Program (BCIA)
  • VA Genetic Management Conference
  • VA Retained Ownership Program
  • W. Dee Whittier, DVM Cow/Calf Herd Health Bull Fertility
  • VA Beef Cattle Health Conference
  • Virginia Premium Assured Heifers**
  • VA Quality Assured Feeder Cattle*
  • John Currin, DVM Stocker Cattle Health
  • VA Stocker Cattle Workshop
  • VA Beef Quality Assurance**
  • Youth Cattle Working Contests
  • Dr. Mark Wahlberg Youth Livestock, Stocker/Feedlot Nutrition Mineral Nutrition
  • 4-H Beef Projects
  • VA State Fair
  • Stockman's Contest
  • Youth Judging Contests
  • Dr. Dan Eversole VT-based Public Events Cow/Calf Nutrition
  • Farm and Family Showcase
  • Purebred Field days hosted by VT
  • FFA Judging Contests
  • *Primary Leader
    ** Co-Leader

    The feeder calf marketing, lamb marketing, market projections and market analysis portions of Bill's position will not be formally covered and information in these areas will not come from the Extension Beef Cattle Group. However, area farm management agents or specialists from Agriculture and Applied Economics may provide information in these areas. However, at this time, assignment of these areas to particular individuals has not occurred and the future of educational programming in these areas is limited.

    Beef producers should continue to first contact their local Extension Office for needed beef production information and technical assistance.

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